There is a boy who had faced some troubles and who worked as labour sometimes but he was always happy under his mother’s love . he completed intermediate and joined for U. G .He don’t have intrest in anything even in studies also but he is brilliant in education and weak in health , mental status , communication. Months all going like trains . He studying well but always felt that something is missing he has little friends in boys but no one in girls.


After seven months unfortunately he had to message with a girl. He don’t know she is the one who is going to change his life. They are same class. That girl is average in studies but excellent humanbeing. And also always behave like child.
Her marriage was fixed before she joined in U.G .friendship of that boy girl growing stronger and stronger. They used to message upto night ten. They used to quarrel always .The girl is cool and plesent but the boy is rash and fickle minded. He don’t know how to speak with girls because he was from slum area . He don’t know how to keep him descent, how to talk to elders.


She told that guy everything how to sustain , manners , behaviour etc . the guy got name playboy because he used to speak with every girl but one thing in his mind is to help everyone. Their friendship going stronger. He feels she also her mother because of
■she looks after him like his mother.
■she make him happy when he was sad.
■she gives money when he needed.
■she always poures her love on guy like his mother.


Every one felt that they lovers but they know what they are. They felt that they are the best friends.
First year exams are came and going smoothly only one exam remain but don’t have her book she lost it then she is crying nonstoply. In evening she phoned guy told I lost book no chance to write exam huskily. Then the said why you are late to inform me about your losting. She told I don’t know what to do so I am crying from so many hours. Boy gave his books and he went to his friend home to read this shows his friendship on her. First year exams was gone.


In holidays her marriage. He went to engagement and marriage.
After marriage that couple are so happy. One day midnight phone was rang guy lifted it. Then girl is crying he asked why you are crying she told my hubby got transfer I have to change college. I think I am going to miss u. Please come to college tomorrow I want to see you. Next day they met and spoke so sadly. They felt that they are missing. Second year was started but the girl came to college told that transfer was stopped. Then they are very happy.


Some things that shows how best friends they are
●he never be happy even single day with out speaking with her.
●she always tries to make him happy.
●he never enter into exam hall with out her waits until she comes.
●she phoned him even after her marriage .
●his mother send box to him and her
●one day she phoned him by changing her voice it was surprise to him.
●in birthday celebrations they used to apply cake one to other.
●they used to beat always.


Starting of sad days:
At the end of second year exams were came boy went another girl home to teach subjects because that girl is pregnant so so missed some classes then his got jealous and scolded him why don’t u call me to her home. Actually that two girls also best friends.
        Four exams are completed two remain. Suddenly girl stopped to phone and message him. He don’t know what happened he call her number of times but she never lift phone he has some fear that her husband told her don’t speak with that guy. He messaged number of times. No use. Finally fifth exam came he tries to speak with her but she ignore him and saw like a dog. He don’t know what happened he is crying in exam hall. Don’t write exam properly. But he pass. Exams were gone.


After exams early morning 7 he went very her friend home and phone her .She came he asked why don’t u speaking what happened to u what wrong I did. No reply he is crying continously. Then she told two things he never forget
→I don’t like you you are a sycho and irritator.
→you showed hell with your friendship.

He was shocked to her words and weeping continously. He stood up going out with weep. She call him come here and told ok I will tell u truth.
My husband don’t like our friendship.
He don’t want me to speak with you.
Some of our classmates told my husband so bad about u and me. So I don’t want to speak with u. You are also my classmate but not my friend today on words.
   Boy feel sad and went to home upto two months he is crying daily and eating nothing for her friendship. After he joined English coaching centre here he thrive like a hill .be strong in English and communication . He cried cried now no tears to roll.
Third year of college was started  he went to college for one week but she don’t speak to him. And ignores him seeing like animal. He felt sad and decided to left college for her. He left college and joined other college.
After she never phone him but he never forget her he add her name first letter as last letter of his signature.


He never forget her until his death .she also never forget him. She made him good human being. He believes that

So never loose friends if you loose u lost u r life.


Thank you




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